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Stress-induced changes in plants (including those produced by pests or pathogens) are usually detected by the appearance of visual symptoms, usually once the adverse effects on crop production have become irreversible.



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Title: Fast, simple and economical system for monitoring the physiological status of crops in the field

Research Group: Non-Coding RNA-Mediated Regulatory Networks

Consequently, the development of an innovative, inexpensive and easy-to-interpret personal diagnostic device that enable farmers to detect plant-damage biomarkers, would represent an immense benefit in crop production by limiting economic losses related to adverse environmental conditions. In this project we address the development of ultra-sensitive sensors (based on microfluidic paper analytical devices technology) for the early, easy, and low-cost detection of the damage induced by pests, pathogens and other stress conditions in crops.

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Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SYSBIO)

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Gustavo Gómez

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