Regulatory Networks

At ncRNA-lab we are interested in decipher the regulatory pathways mediated by non coding RNAs (mainly small ncRNAs) for a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that allow crops to respond and eventually adapt to biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

Research lines

Regulatory networks of response to stress mediated by miRNAs

In general, plants respond to changes in environmental conditions through a complex transcriptional reprogramming…
Differential processing of miRNAs in response to stress

miRNAs are fundamental endogenous regulators of gene expression in higher organisms. miRNAs modulate multiple biological processes…

Viroids-host interactions
Viroids are a class of sub-viral plant-pathogenic long noncoding RNAs (240-400 nt) composed of a circular single-stranded molecule. Viroid infection comprises a series of coordinated steps involving…
Epigenetic regulation of the plant-environment interplay
Eukaryotic organisms exposed to adverse conditions are required to show a certain degree of transcriptional plasticity in order…



Gómez, Gustavo Germán

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Longo, Francesca

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Sáez, Cristina

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Doctoral Students

Corell Sierra, Julia

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Hernández Azurdia, Andrea

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Marquez Molins, Joan

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Villalba Bermell, Pascual

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Collado, Noelia

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González, Antonio

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Lozano, Javier

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Núñez, Marta

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Urrutia, Maria

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Relevant Publications
(last eight years)

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Current funding

Spanish Ministry of Economy (I+D Retos, 2016-2018) – AGL2016-79825-R.

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CSIC (Intramural, 2016-2017).

Spanish Ministry of Economy (Explora, 2015-2016).

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