ncRNA lab is awarded at CV+i Circular Day for its AgroSENSING project

Oct 10, 2023

We’re excited to share that the ncRNA Lab team has reached a significant milestone by receiving the «Unincorporated Business» Startup competition award at this year’s CV+i Circular Day event. This recognition acknowledges their pioneering efforts in developing the AgroSENSING project. 

AgroSENSING is an ambitious ncRNA Lab project dedicated to advancing the future of agriculture. Our mission is focused on the rapid and early identification of any type of plant stress. We are developing an innovative, highly sensitive and easy-to-use analysis method tailored to farmers. AgroSENSING is poised to transform precision agriculture, giving farmers the tools they need to protect their crops and improve yields, all in pursuit of a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.

CV+i Circular Day as an epicenter for research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship in Circular Economy in the Valencian Community, has honored Gustavo Gómez and ncRNA Lab for their unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the agricultural industry. The AgroSENSING project is a shining example of their dedication to sustainable agricultural practices and environmentally friendly solutions.

Once again, congratulations to the team for this well-deserved recognition!