ncRNA Lab Acknowledges Recognition for Recent Scientific Breakthrough

Ene 23, 2024

ncRNA Lab is grateful for the recognition our recent breakthrough has received in unveiling temporal genomic alterations in plant responses to viroid infection. This pioneering study, showcased in Plant, Cell & Environment, has garnered widespread attention from the media and scientific communities alike.

We are honored by the recognition for our viroid infection study. Our research, acknowledged in scientific circles, is engaging the global scientific community in discussions about the significance of our findings.

This recognition fuels our ongoing dedication at ncRNA Lab. As we remain committed to advancing knowledge in virology, we express our heartfelt appreciation to our diligent team and the global community for their unwavering support. For those intrigued by detailed insights, the complete research paper is available for exploration (Márquez-Molins et al., 2023).

An RNA viral vector facilitates CRISPR-Cas genome editing in tomato. Fantastic collaboration with Antonio Granell lab (@IBMCP).

El @i2sysbio (CSIC - UV) es pionero en España en producir #fagos terapéuticos (virus de bacterias) con los que tratar enfermedades causadas por #bacterias multirresistentes a los #antibióticos.

The plant POLYMERASE ASSOCIATED FACTOR1 complex links transcription and H2B monoubiquitination genome-wide (Noel Blanco-Touriñán, Jaime Pérez-Alemany, Clara Bourbousse, David Latrasse, Ouardia Ait-Mohamed, et. al.) @NoelPonte @ASPB #PlantSci

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