Regulatory Networks

The Department of Innovation funds our BotVid-Sensor project for early detection of a fungus causing severe losses in grapevines.

The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Department of Innovation, Industry, Trade, and Tourism, finances our BotVid-Sensor project for the development of an early and low-cost alert system to identify the presence of Botrytis cinerea in vine crops even before the...

Congratulations on the Acceptance of Our New Manuscript on sRNA Alterations in SARS-CoV-2 Response

We are pleased to share a noteworthy update from our research team: our manuscript examining sRNA changes in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection has been accepted for publication in Nature NPJ Systems Biology. This milestone marks Julia Corell's first-authored article,...

Welcome María Carmen Marqués to Our Laboratory Team!

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, María Carmen Marqués! As ncRNA Lab, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, and we are confident that María Carmen will be a valuable addition to...

ncRNA Lab Acknowledges Recognition for Recent Scientific Breakthrough

ncRNA Lab is grateful for the recognition our recent breakthrough has received in unveiling temporal genomic alterations in plant responses to viroid infection. This pioneering study, showcased in Plant, Cell & Environment, has garnered widespread attention from...

The ncRNA Lab obtains the first temporal map of the alterations associated with viroid infection in a plant at the genomic level

At ncRNA Lab, we're proud to announce one of our last discoveries: the development of the first temporal genomic map of plant responses to viroid infection. This pioneering research, now highlighted in a CSIC news release, underscores our leading role in the field of...

Welcome New Members to Our Lab Team!

We are pleased to introduce three new members joining our laboratory: Samanta, a PhD student under contract with the Santiago Grisolía Program (GVA), brings a strong research drive to our team. Vega joins us as a lab technician, providing valuable technical support....

ncRNA lab is awarded at CV+i Circular Day for its AgroSENSING project

We're excited to share that the ncRNA Lab team has reached a significant milestone by receiving the "Unincorporated Business" Startup competition award at this year's CV+i Circular Day event. This recognition acknowledges their pioneering efforts in developing the...

ncRNA lab participates in the Grapedia Annual Meeting

Last September 12th, our PhD student Pascual Villalba participated in the Grapedia Annual Meeting, an innovative portal to integrate knowledge, resources and services for the grape scientific community and industry, held in Valencia at the Botanical Garden of the...

A fully funded PhD position is available in the ncRNAlab

Are you interested in deciphering the ncRNA-mediated mechanisms regulating plant-environment interaction?  The ncRNAlab offers a PhD position (4 years). We search graduates in biology/biotechnology or similar fascinated by the Systems Biology.Do not hesitate to...

Congratulations to Our Team Member on Successfully Presenting his Master’s Thesis!

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to one of our esteemed team members, Antonio González, on the successful presentation of his Master's thesis! This remarkable achievement is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and passion for research. As...

At ncRNA-lab we are interested in decipher the regulatory pathways mediated by non coding RNAs (mainly small ncRNAs) for a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that allow crops to respond and eventually adapt to biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

Research lines

Regulatory networks of response to stress mediated by miRNAs

In general, plants respond to changes in environmental conditions through a complex transcriptional reprogramming…

Differential processing of miRNAs in response to stress

miRNAs are fundamental endogenous regulators of gene expression in higher organisms. miRNAs modulate multiple biological processes…

Viroids-host interactions

Viroids are a class of sub-viral plant-pathogenic long noncoding RNAs (240-400 nt) composed of a circular single-stranded molecule. Viroid infection comprises a series of coordinated steps involving…

Epigenetic regulation of the plant-environment interplay

Eukaryotic organisms exposed to adverse conditions are required to show a certain degree of transcriptional plasticity in order…



Gustavo Germán Gómez

Gustavo Germán Gómez

CSIC Scientific Researcher
(+34) 963544777

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Francesca Longo

Plant-PREDICTOR Project
Tel: 34 963543996

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María Carmen Herranz Gordo

BotVid-SENSOR Project
Tel: 34 963543996

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PHD Students

Julia Corell Sierra

Contract PTI Salud Global CSIC
(+34) 963544783

+ info

Gabriela Hernández Azurdia

Predoctoral contract, GVA (ACIF)
(+34) 963544783

+ info

Pascual Villalba Bermell

Predoctoral contract, GVA (ACIF)
(+34) 963544783

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Technical assitant

Cristina Atienza
Tel: 34 963543996

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Miguel Ruiz Ibañez

Tel: 34 963543996

Antonio Gonzalez Sanchez

TFM Bioinformatics UV
Tel: 34 963543996

Elisa Soriano Perez

TFG Biotechnology UCV
Tel: 34 963543996

Sergei Yurievich

External Practices UV
Tel: 34 963543996

Aleksandra Ruzic

External Practices UV
Tel: 34 963543996

Former lab members
Joan Marquez-Molins

María Carmen Marques-Romero

Antonio Bustamante

Alejandro Sanz-Carbonell


Current projects

Past projects


Relevant Publications
(last eight years)

Marquez-Molins J, Juarez-Gonzalez VT, Gomez G, Pallas V, Martinez G. (2022). Occurrence of RNA post-transcriptional modifications in plant viruses and viroids and their correlation with structural and functional features. Virus Res. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2022.198958.

Marquez-Molins J., Hernandez-Azurdia A.G., Urrutia-Perez M., Pallas V. and Gomez G. (2022). A circular RNA vector for targeted plant gene silencing based on an asymptomatic viroid. The Plant Journal doi: 10.1111/tpj.15929.

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Sanz-Carbonell A., Marques, MC., Martinez, G. & Gomez, G. (2020) Dynamic architecture and implications of the miRNA network underlying the response to stress… RNA Biology 2: 292-308. DOI: 10.1080/15476286.2019.1697487.

Marquez-Molins, J., Navarro, J.A., Pallas, V. and Gomez, G. (2019) Highly efficient construction of infectious viroid‐derived clones. Plant Methods 15: 87 (DOI: 10.1186/s13007-019-0470-4)

Cervera, L., Marques, M., Sanz-Carbonell, A., Marquez-Molins, J., Carbonell, A., Daros, JA. and Gomez, G. (2019) Identification and characterization of a stress-responsive TAS3-derived tasiRNAs in melon. Plant and Cell Physiology 60: 2382-2393. DOI: 10.1093/pcp/pcz131.

Sanz Carbonell, A., Marques, MC., Bustamante, A., Fares, MA., Rodrigo, G. and Gomez, G. (2019). Inferring the miRNA-mediated regulatory network of response to stress in melon. BMC Plant Biology 19:78.

Bustamante, A., Marques, MC., Sanz Carbonell, A. and G. Gomez. (2018). Alternative processing of its precursor is related to miR319 decreasing in plants exposed to cold. Scientific Reports 8(1): 15538.

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Castellano M., Martinez G., Marques MC., Moreno J., Köhler C., Pallas V. & Gomez G. (2016). Changes in the DNA methylation of the host male gametophyte of viroid-infected cucumber. Jounal of Experimental Botany 67: 5857-5868.

Castellano, M.; Pallás, V. and Gómez, G. (2016). A pathogenic long noncoding RNA redesigns the epigenetic landscape of infected cells by subverting host Histone Deacetylase 6 activity. New Phytologist 211: 1311-1322.

Castellano M, Martinez G, Pallas V and Gomez G. (2015). Alterations in host-DNA methylation in response to expression of HSVd in N. benthamiana. Plant Pathology 64: 1247-1257

Martinez G, Castellano M, Tortosa M, Pallas V and Gomez G. (2014). A pathogenic ncRNA induces changes in dynamic DNA methylation of rRNA genes in host plants. Nucleic Acids Research 42: 1553-1562.


Current funding

Former funding

Spanish Ministry of Economy (I+D Retos, 2016-2018) – AGL2016-79825-R.

CSIC (Intramural, 2016-2017).

Spanish Ministry of Economy (Explora, 2015-2016).

SENECYT–Ecuador (Program PROMETEO 2013-2015)

Generalitat Valenciana (Grupos emergentes, 2013-2014).